Caramel Apple Blossoms – Dessert


Looking for a delicious fall treat? Look no further than Caramel Apple Blossoms. Learn about this sweet and savoury dessert, how to make them, and where to find them.Fall is the perfect time to indulge in sweet treats, and there’s nothing quite like the taste of Caramel Apple Blossoms. These mouthwatering desserts are the perfect … Read more

November Festivals in Texas


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Step into a Fairy Tale at the Chicago Lantern Festival


The Chicago Lantern Festival is a yearly magical celebration of light and culture in the Windy City. The festival is inspired by the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival, which marks the end of Chinese New Year celebrations. Hundreds of handcrafted lanterns are displayed during the festival in Chicago’s famous Garfield Park Conservatory. The lanterns come in … Read more

22 Camping Music Festivals – Aboutfestivals


Camping music festivals are multi-day events featuring live music performances from various artists. Festivals offer an exceptional combination of outdoor adventure, community, and music. Camping music festivals occur outdoors in forests, fields, or mountains, where attendees can set up tents, hammocks, or RVs. They feature food vendors, showers, restrooms, and stages for live music. Camping … Read more

Berkeley Springs Apple Butter Festival


The Berkeley Springs Apple Butter Festival is an annual event held in various towns and cities across the United States. A festival usually held in October celebrates the harvest season and focuses on apples and apple-based products. Apple butter, typically made by cooking apples until they become a thick, dark paste, is known for being … Read more

Discover the Magic of the Largest Festivals in the US


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Thanksgiving in Africa


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December holidays around the world


A great deal of time is dedicated to the December holidays around the world during December. The holidays are celebrated differently in different cultures around the world. It includes Christmas in Europe, Hanukkah in the Middle East, Kwanzaa in North Africa, Diwali in India, and Las Posadas in Latin America. You will discover all the … Read more

Fajr Subh Prayer – A Gift from Allah to Start Your Day Right


Fajr Subh Prayer is an Islamic term referring to the pre-dawn prayer. “Meaning of Fajr” comes from Arabic and translates as “dawn.” From this, we can infer the spiritual meaning of Fajr and why it is so important to pray during the day’s first prayer. According to Islamic teachings, five daily prayers must observe over … Read more