Fajr Subh Prayer – A Gift from Allah to Start Your Day Right


Fajr Subh Prayer is an Islamic term referring to the pre-dawn prayer. “Meaning of Fajr” comes from Arabic and translates as “dawn.” From this, we can infer the spiritual meaning of Fajr and why it is so important to pray during the day’s first prayer. According to Islamic teachings, five daily prayers must observe over … Read more

First Kalima Tayyab From Confusion to Clarity


The First Kalima Tayyab, the Islamic statement of faith, declares, “There is none worthy of worship except God (Allah), and Mohammed is the Messenger of God.” One affirms the unity of God and Muhammad’s prophethood by affirming Muhammad’s prophethood. The statement declares allegiance to Allah, emphasizing submission to his will, mercy, and justice. All Muslims … Read more

Salat al Zuhr Midday Prayer The Afternoon Reflection


Salat al Zuhr صَلَاة ٱلظُّهْر also known as the “Duhr Prayer,” the Midday Prayer, or just Salat al Zuhr, is one of the five daily prayers Muslims perform daily. Zuhr prayer is performed in the afternoon after the sun has passed its highest point and the sun has risen. The Aqidah prayer (afternoon prayer) ends … Read more

Fifth Kalima Astaghfar – The word of Penitence


The Fifth Kalima Astaghfar is the fifth statement of faith in Islam and is an Arabic expression of repentance and pleading for forgiveness. It is the fifth statement of faith in Islam. In this verse, Allah forgives all sins, both in this life and in the hereafter. Believing in it, one can seek forgiveness and … Read more