November Festivals in Texas


Discover the vibrant and diverse November Festivals in Texas, from music and food festivals to cultural celebrations highlighting the state’s rich history and heritage. Texas is a great place to visit in November, especially for festivals. The weather is mild, and many events happen across the state. Texas, the second largest state in the United … Read more

Step into a Fairy Tale at the Chicago Lantern Festival


The Chicago Lantern Festival is a yearly magical celebration of light and culture in the Windy City. The festival is inspired by the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival, which marks the end of Chinese New Year celebrations. Hundreds of handcrafted lanterns are displayed during the festival in Chicago’s famous Garfield Park Conservatory. The lanterns come in … Read more

Berkeley Springs Apple Butter Festival


The Berkeley Springs Apple Butter Festival is an annual event held in various towns and cities across the United States. A festival usually held in October celebrates the harvest season and focuses on apples and apple-based products. Apple butter, typically made by cooking apples until they become a thick, dark paste, is known for being … Read more