December holidays around the world

A great deal of time is dedicated to the December holidays around the world during December. The holidays are celebrated differently in different cultures around the world. It includes Christmas in Europe, Hanukkah in the Middle East, Kwanzaa in North Africa, Diwali in India, and Las Posadas in Latin America. You will discover all the exciting ways you can celebrate the December holidays around the world, from music to dancing to food to decorations and more.


HanukkahDecember holidays around the world

It is a deeply-rooted Jewish tradition that is commemorated in Israel every year on Hanukkah. Following Jewish persecution and religious freedom, the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was re-dedicated on this holiday. As part of the festivities, special foods like fried cookies (sufganiyot) and jelly-filled doughnuts (muffins) are prepared. As part of Hanukkah traditions, people light festive lamps, or nine candle holders.

Among the many traditions associated with Hanukkah are gathering with friends and exchanging small gifts known as gelt. It has become part of the holiday spirit to give family members gifts on each of the eight nights. Therefore, people make or buy small items such as jewellery, books, artwork, and toys to share with loved ones during the holiday.

National Cookie Day

4th December holidays around the world:

National Cookie Day is celebrated in many countries on the 4th of December holiday. It’s the perfect day to bake and share cookies with your loved ones. Every culture has unique recipes to mark this festive day, from sugar cookies to gingerbread men. Take advantage of the sweet side of the December holidays around the world!

Skffukaka is a small pastry made in Iceland. It looks like a Christmas tree and is topped with icing and sweet decorations such as nuts, dried fruit, and candy. A Dutch windmill cookie, or speculaas, is a special treat at this time of the year. Before baking, windmills, clowns, boats, and animals are embossed on wooden shapes. Christmas is a time when mince pies are served all over the country. The tasty mini pies contain fruits and spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice. You can celebrate National Cookie Day by enjoying sweet treats from December holidays around the world!


Yule (Norse Winter Festival)

Celebrated by people of North European Pagan origin

Yule is steeped in Nordic mythology and traditional practices observed in ancient Germanic cultures. It celebrates the sun’s return after the winter solstice and the end of one year. The following are a few examples of modern Yule depictions:

  • Performing carols.
  • Candles are used to decorate fir trees.
  • A traditional part of the holiday season is exchanging gifts.
  • Nordic cultures on December 23rd celebrate Yule as a feast dedicated to their gods and goddesses.

In celebration of Yule, December holidays around the world have included a feast of sacrifice, food offerings, and libations like wine or mead. A new year’s tradition was to light logs representing the sun to promote growth and fertility. A Yule Log Procession was held on December 25th. All gathered around a large bonfire to drive away evil spirits under the guidance of Odin and his ravens, Hugin and Munin. As a beacon of hope for a prosperous new year, fires were lit on hilltops across the northern hemisphere to celebrate this practice.


19th December holidays around the world

Opiconsivia is a historical holiday that dates back to ancient Rome. Observances still take place today to celebrate the goddess Ops. Roman Catholics traditionally celebrate this day by attending a special Mass dedicated to Ops on the 19th of December. Her divine origins are believed to bring health and prosperity for the following year. Special dishes can be served on this day in honour of the holiday.

Along with religious and spiritual celebrations, street processions include singing, dancing, and celebrations. The primary theme of these activities is fertility, a significant concept in Roman culture. There are a lot of reasons why this day has been important throughout history. During the December holidays around the world, Opiconsivia is an excellent holiday tool to stay connected with family and friends nearby.

National Peppermint Latte Day

3rd December holidays around the world:

National Peppermint Latte Day is celebrated in the United States on the third of December. This festive drink combines peppermint syrup with espresso shots. The topping was crushed candy canes that gave off a delicious orangey sweetness and a crunchy texture. It is usually adorned with beautiful foam art, which makes its presentation even more attractive.

There are also celebrations of National Peppermint Latte Day in Japan, South Korea, and Australia. The popular festive beverage is a holiday tradition in these countries. It’s National Peppermint Latte Day which signals the arrival of winter, Christmas, and other December holidays around the world. As well as celebrating something unique, the holiday provides a way to bond with family and friends.

National Sachertorte Day

5th December holidays around the world:

National Sachertorte Day on December 5th each year celebrates the Austrian dessert. A staple of Austrian cuisine and culture, this delicious chocolate cake was created by hotelier Franz Sacher in 1832. A traditional version consists of two layers of fluffy chocolate sponge cake filled with apricot jam and coated with chocolate. Celebrate National Sachertorte Day this December by enjoying this delicious dessert!

A popular dessert in Austria and abroad, Sachertorte was created to impress important guests. Traditional recipes have been modified by adding raspberry jam or pouring extra cream layers over the cake. Many unique variations of cookies on the market today come with different fillings and flavours. The December holidays around the world are an excellent time to spend with your family and friends. No matter what your preference is, whether you prepare it yourself or buy a slice from your local bakery, it will always be a tasty treat.

Wear Brown Shoes Day

04 December holidays around the world :

This holiday is celebrated throughout Europe regardless of its unclear origins. People celebrate Wear Brown Shoes Day by wearing their brown shoes throughout the day and caring for them. It is a small token of respect to pay homage to the different types of Craftsmen from Europe who manufacture brown leather shoes. It has become popular with certain communities as a way to begin the December holidays around the world, even though it’s an unusual holiday.

Germans, Austrians, and Swiss celebrate this holiday wearing their finest brown shoes. They take great pride in their beauty. Some families also organize shoe polishing contests and decorate shoes with holiday-themed decorations to extend the holiday festivities. The result is a fun day of festivities with excellent food and even better company.

World Wildlife Conservation Day

4th December holidays around the world:

In celebration of World Wildlife Conservation Day, December 4th brings attention to endangered wildlife, habitat destruction, and efforts to save it. The purpose of this day is to educate people about wildlife conservation and to support initiatives that protect endangered species. Organizations like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) work to protect species at risk of becoming rare by developing conservation strategies and restoring their habitats. Consider donating to conservation efforts or researching organizations that work to protect animals on this day.

The importance of this day is especially felt by those living in wealthy countries that can fund conservation efforts. Species will continue to decline if no worldwide action against poaching, habitat destruction, and other human activities exists. Supporting organizations that fight to protect our wildlife and its habitat on World Wildlife Conservation Day can make a difference.

National Cotton Candy Day

7th December holidays around the world:

It’s National Cotton Candy Day on December 7th, the right time to indulge in this classic fairground treat. In many countries during the holiday season, cotton candy remains a beloved treat despite its global popularity since its invention in 1897. Spinning sugar or cookie mix flavors are both great choices for National Cotton Candy Day.

Japanese candy Amezaiku, is often served during New Year’s celebrations. Kids and adults alike enjoy creating cute animals out of colourful sticks of powdered sugar. Colored bright cones are sold in various flavours at Diwali markets in India. In Mexico, Chicleda vendors display colourful bags loaded with curios (pickled pork rinds) during the December holidays around the world. This National Cotton Candy Day, celebrate this beloved festive season dessert!


Bodhi DayRohatsu

8th December holidays around the world:

Bodhi Day is one of the most celebrated December holidays around the world. It commemorates the moment when Gautama Siddhartha Gautama achieved spiritual realization. Buddha’s life and teachings are celebrated through public ceremonies on this day. It is believed that the original Bodhi tree sheltered Siddhartha during meditation when he attained salvation and is often depicted in temples to represent his journey. This holiday emphasizes self-reflection, wisdom, and respect for this spiritual figure.

Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day by gathering in temples and participating in various ceremonies. In celebration of the December holidays around the world, people buy presents such as incense, flowers, and food to give to loved ones. Buddhism honours this holiday by reading the Buddha’s teachings, such as the Four Noble Truths and the Buddhist Path. These readings remind us of his wisdom and power to transform lives through inner peace and understanding.

Santa Lucia Day | Little Yule

13th December holidays around the world:

St. Lucia’s Day is another seasonal holiday celebrated around the world. It is celebrated on December 13th every year in Scandinavia. The custom is based on the story of Lucia, who brought food and aid to persecuted Christians in Rome during the 4th century AD. There are many December holidays around the world during which she wears a white dress with a red sash and an illuminated crown of candles.

It is a decorative piece for the festivities. Scandinavians celebrate this day with all sorts of traditional foods. There are various kinds of sweet slices of bread included in this category. ‘Lussi cats’ are the most famous saffron buns in Sweden, called pussycats. Other countries, such as Denmark, make pepperonde cookies containing ginger and black pepper spices.

Lighting candles, hanging string lights, and decorating the home are common decorations for St. Lucia’s Day. Throughout northern Europe, this holiday celebrates courage, love, and sacrifice. It is a fun and educational holiday celebrating courage, love, and sacrifice in Northern Europe. It is a holiday celebrating courage, love, and sacrifice in Northern Europe.

National Pastry Day

9th December holidays around the world:

It’s National Pastry Day on December 9th in the United States, dedicated to celebrating all that’s sweet! The tradition of baking and eating pastries dates back centuries and can be celebrated worldwide. During the Saint Lucia festival in Italy, for instance, traditional pastries are eaten during the celebration of their patron saint. There is an annual celebration of Gâteau des Rois (King Cake) on December 8th in France. This holiday season, enjoy some sweet treats wherever you are! The Gâteau des Rois is a traditional cake associated with Epiphany, a Christian feast day.

National Lager Day

10th December holidays around the world:

There will be a National Lager Day in celebration of December 10th! It was originally brewed in Bavaria, Germany, in 1842. Lager is a light and crisp beer. Drink a cold mug of German lager or one of the many other kinds available worldwide. You can even find craft lagers and specialty brews to expand your horizons. Get together with friends and discover something new by trying different beers.

National Lager Day is more than just an excuse to drink cold. It’s a way to commemorate centuries of brewing history. Beer has been made and enjoyed since modern refrigeration technology was invented. Germany and Japan are among the countries that have adopted this trend. Grab your friends and prepare for National Lager Day because raising your steins is time. I hope you had a wonderful day!

Yuletide Lads | Jólasveinar

12-24 December holidays around the world:

Jólasveinar, and the Yuletide Lads, are popular greeting cards in Iceland. Playing with these mischievous trolls is much more enjoyable than with Santa Claus and his helpers. Each of the brothers brings a gift to the children who are thoughtful enough to receive one, led by Jólakötturinn (the Yule Cat). Every night during mid-December, each troll leaves a gift for a deserving child on the twelve days leading up to Christmas Eve.

The Yuletide Lads are thought to have originated during medieval times, each with its own stories, characteristics, and traditional tasks. Their wicked sense of humor and playful tricks can make the Christmas season more enjoyable. In Iceland, Door-Slamming Dave (Door Skjónarinn) wakes unprepared children on December 15th with his not-so-charming greeting. Against this character is Bowl-Licker Tom (Bowl Hilmir), who visits on or after the 14th day and gives seats to those whose noses are pressing against each other in excitement.

National Screwdriver Day

14th December holidays around the world:

National Screwdriver Day celebrates the reliable tool everyone seems to need but cannot find. You can celebrate something many take for granted and recognize its value. Please take advantage of your screwdriver by doing DIY projects around the house or making repairs once it’s finished. Remember to have fun and be safe no matter what project you work on!

Celebrating National Screwdriver Day anywhere is possible, even though it is not a traditional holiday. India celebrates Gur Maghi on December 14. A day commemorating the birth of Guru Gobind Singh falls on this day each year.

It is located in the Indian village of Lakhwal. Gur Maghi is a day of love and respect. Gurdwara Sahibs are places of worship for Sikhs, where families gather for prayer and kirtan. Kirtan is used in Sikhism to express devotion through music and chants. Gurdwara Sahibs throughout India celebrate Gur Maghi with peaceful celebrations, fellowship, public meetings, and speeches from local Religious leaders.

Las Posadas

16-24 December holidays around the world:

Las Posadas will be held in Latin America from December 16-24. Mary and Joseph were searching in Bethlehem for a haven when they came across a simple guesthouse. Processions, themed activities, and traditional music recreate the event. The festival’s final day involves a mass and gifts for baby Jesus.

Pinatas and special treats are among the activities at Las Posadas. Mary and Joseph are dressed up and visit door-to-door to symbolize the search for lodging in traditional processions. Singing traditional posada songs is done in a circle. The police and prison watch for Mary and Joseph during the festivities. The celebrations culminate in tamales with hot chili or mole sauce at the end of nine days. Undoubtedly, Las Posadas is the most memorable December holiday celebrated by Latin believers worldwide!

Thirteen Yule Lads-Iceland

21st December holidays around the world:

A festive touch can also be added to your holiday party by channeling the Icelandic Yule Lads. Guests can take turns telling stories about the thirteen mischievous characters and earn points for their creativity. You could keep track of each storyteller’s points and then, at the end, have a traditional Icelandic sau-lopana competition that everyone can enjoy. These Yule Lads have their roots in traditional Icelandic folklore.

These figures were derived from scarecrows that ancient farmers erected to ward off evil spirits. They all have unique names and personalities; each has been used as inspiration for holiday costumes. You may find the original Icelandic legends about these figures a bit dark for younger ears, but feel free to imagine your own tales about them- this is supposed to be fun! Take some time to explain who they are and what they are about so everyone can participate in the sauð-lopana competition.


Christmas is the most widely celebrated December holiday around the world, highly anticipated by many. Christians celebrate Christ’s birth with church services and traditions like decorating trees, singing carols, and exchanging gifts. Christmas is usually celebrated on December 25th, although the date changes yearly according to the Christian calendar. It is common for Christmas to be celebrated in many countries, sometimes combined with local customs.

The holiday is often celebrated with reenactments of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem in Latin American countries. There is a tradition in France where children leave carrots for Santa Claus’ donkey. The fast food chain’s arrival on the island nation decades ago left behind a special KFC meal for Christmas. The Philippines has one of the longest holiday seasons in the world, and December is the month of Simbang Gabi, which features nine-morning masses before Christmas.

Whatever way Christmas Day is celebrated, December holidays around the world are recognized as Christmas Day. Evergreen trees are exchanged as gifts in many European countries and elsewhere. It is common to decorate homes with pine trees to fill them with the fragrance of pine. The day is a time for families to get together and remember loved ones who have passed away. It is a day filled with memories, nostalgia, and love for many festival passers worldwide.

Boxing Day

26th December holidays around the world:

Boxing Day is traditionally celebrated in the United Kingdom on December 26th and marks the start of the holiday shopping season. Holiday sales offer businesses an excellent opportunity to gain more customers for future purchases. Discounts, promotions, and special offers should be available on your website to encourage shoppers to shop there. If you anticipate high demand for popular items during this holiday season, stock up now. Don’t forget to include gift-wrapping services as a terrific option for small business owners during the holiday season!


26th December holidays around the world -January 01:

As part of their celebration of African heritage and culture, African-Americans in the US celebrate Kwanzaa every year. African-Americans were encouraged to reflect on their past and celebrate together by Maulana Karenga in 1966. The Kwanzaa festival begins with lighting a kinara (candle holder) with seven candles representing each Kwanzaa principle.

African-Americans also display a strong sense of community in traditional cultural activities such as storytelling and dancing. The recipients of Kwanzaa gifts are encouraged to give back to their communities as part of the seven-day celebration. The culture and heritage of African Americans are often symbolized through donations.

Books and African paintings commemorate Kwanzaa’s core principles: Nationhood & Self-Determination, Collective Work & Responsibility, Cooperative Economics & Creative Education, Purpose Driven Life, Creativity & Love. A feast marks the end of the festival and its significance on the 31st of December.

National Maple Syrup Day

17th December holidays around the world:

Maple syrup is a favorite of thousands of Canadians, and National Maple Syrup Day is celebrated on December 17 in honor of it! Canadian culture has long been associated with maple syrup. It will be a day of maple syrup waffles and pancakes on this particular day. You can also share it on social media!

Canadian cuisine has been enriched by maple syrup for centuries. Canada’s maple farmers and producers collect sap each year from sugar maples. Boil it in a kettle until it turns golden brown and turns sweet. You can use maple syrup to top waffles and pancakes, marinate meats, and more. It’s also possible to find Canadian maple beer, which combines beer with real maple syrup!

National Sangria Day

20th December holidays around the world:

Spain celebrates National Sangria Day on December 20th. There are many ways to make sangria, but the three main ingredients are wine, citrus fruits (oranges and lemons), and sugar. Usually, red wine is used, but you can also use white wine. Celebrate National Sangria Day on December 20th to learn more about this popular Spanish drink and its variants!

Sangria Day celebrates Spanish culture and tradition and allows you to try different recipes for the drink. Traditional sangrias in Spain are made with brandy, triple sec, red or white wine, apple or orange juice, lemons or oranges, and honey or simple syrup as a sweetener. To make the drink sweeter, add some fresh berries. It wouldn’t be a holiday season without a glass of sangria to celebrate the season!

National Fruitcake Day

27th December holidays around the world:

You don’t have to wait until the holidays to enjoy fruitcake! Celebrate National Fruitcake Day by baking a traditional fruitcake recipe. Its recipes were popular in medieval Europe, originating in the Roman Empire. As you celebrate the December holidays around the world with your family and friends, nothing is better than being with them.

Baking a cake on this day has been a holiday tradition for centuries. The original recipe combined sugar, nuts, spices, and fruits. The recipe evolved with local ingredients like currants, prunes, dates, apples, and pears. The dessert is famous throughout the world, but it is particularly associated with Irish and British holidays. The festive treat will be available on December 27th!

Eat Vegetarian Day

28 December holidays around the world:

Vegetarian food is celebrated worldwide on this day to recognize its health benefits. It is well known that vegetarian diets improve physical health, reduce the risk of heart disease, and decrease exposure to toxins. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians will enjoy this delicious holiday activity! Discover ethnic recipes from around the world and improve your cooking skills.

Various countries celebrate Eat Vegetarian Day on different dates, but it is a worldwide holiday on December 28th. You can taste a variety of cultural cuisines, share meals with family and friends, and enjoy vegetarian food. Vegetables are often the primary source of flavor in many cultures without sacrificing indulgence! It is possible to find delicious vegetarian options in India, Thailand, China, Japan, Italy, and the Middle East, no matter the occasion. Explore a variety of plant-based proteins this holiday season for fun and exciting meal ideas.

National Get on the Scales Day

29th December holidays around the world:

A healthy balance between one’s mental and physical health is crucial to one’s overall well-being. It is a national holiday on December 29 to get on the scales. Celebrate this day by taking control of your health! It is an excellent time to reflect on any unhealthy habits you have been engaging in throughout the year. New Year’s is also an ideal time to make healthy lifestyle plans. We’re celebrating National Get on the Scales Day! Positive body image is celebrated, and healthy lifestyles are encouraged.

Take a walk with friends or family instead of watching TV on National Get on the Scales Day. It may motivate you to make small changes to your lifestyle that will improve your physical health. You can also celebrate this holiday by planning meals for the next few days. Preparing meals in advance can prevent eating unhealthy meals later in the week. You can use it in many ways to celebrate National Get on the Scales Day. You ignore your body during the December holidays around the world regarding improving your physical health.

Bacon Day

30th December holidays around the world:

Sweden celebrates Bacon Day on December 30 according to its national language, Julskinka. It is a time for families to gather and share bacon meals. As part of the celebrations of the December holidays around the world, a festive bacon wreath can also be served as a tasty treat. Sometimes it is given as a gift to guests or as part of the celebration.

It is expected to serve whole roasted pigs at Julskinka meals – something that can be difficult to prepare and requires more preparation than bacon. It is worth the time and effort to prepare for a grand holiday. Typical sides include apple sauce, lingonberry jam, potatoes, brown beans, or salads to accompany the pork. It explains why this tradition is so popular in Sweden at Christmas – there’s something for everyone!

ArgentinaDecember holidays around the world

Advanced Caroling Gatherings

Argentina considers caroling one of the most severe Christmas activities beyond simply singing Christmas songs. It is common for groups of carollers from different churches to visit every house in the community and sing religious songs. Those who join the gathering can expect to ride in a carriage through the streets of a village. They will be accompanied by musical instruments, followed by traditional dishes and endless dances that will take place between each performance.

The Argentine people celebrate more traditional events and activities during the holiday season, including decorating a Christmas tree. They also commemorate other aspects, such as the December holidays around the world. However, this advanced form of caroling stands apart from the norm and is practiced by residents of all ages. These religious renditions surprise neighbors as believers in red and white hats walk from door to door.

They travel door to door, honoring religious figures as they honor them with red and white hats. Festive food and wine will be served in each home, along with a special treat, while Spanish gospel songs are played in the background. You may have heard a story about a rather odd December holiday.


January 13 & 31st December holidays around the world

Grinches and their reindeer-drawn carts celebrate New Year’s Eve in Switzerland. A tradition dating back to the 19th century called Silvesterchlausen involves farmers making wish calls throughout their villages and asking for prayers for good fortune. Farmers dress up as evil creatures with bells and travel door-to-door spreading their blessings. A reward such as cake or money is given to them in return.

Silvesterchlaufen groups are also available for residents who want to celebrate in true Swiss style. Between late December and early January, groups of singing and bell-ringing farmers march through towns and sometimes overtake fields and homes. As part of the many hospitality tents surrounding those events. The tradition of performing ancient customs with elaborate wooden plows and pumpkins in celebration of the December holidays around the world can be seen. Winter traditions are kept alive, and people can reconnect with their rural roots through this popular event.



31st December holidays around the world:

There are many December holidays around the world. The Scots celebrate Hogmanay, or New Year’s Eve, on December 31 and often extend this celebration into the following day. It is celebrated with parades, bonfires, and a traditional greeting called “first footing,” where visitors exchange gifts of food or money as a gesture of good luck. As Scots ring in the new year with a bang, fireworks are also integral to the festivities.

Several other countries also commemorate Hogmanay in honour of Scotland’s holiday. The skies are lit up in English cities at midnight to begin a new year, and ceilidhs and Scottish Gaelic music are played. A month’s worth of good fortune is spread in Bulgaria by horse riders dressed in traditional Bulgarian attire on the same day as Christmas. Italians observe Capodanno by preparing traditional dishes such as lasagna or cotechino salami filled with mashed potatoes to accompany the folklore parade.

December Facts and Trivia

You can start the holiday season by learning interesting holiday facts and trivia. Many European countries celebrate a second Christmas Day, and Mexico celebrates a month-long Posadas festival in December. There will be lively conversations sparked by these unique holidays, making December holidays around the world feel extra special.

Many countries celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Dawn of Ramadan during the festive month of December. Australia recognizes Boxing Day as its national holiday on December 26th. The Japanese also celebrate The Shinto god who protects travellers and fishermen is honoured at the Otsune Matsuri or Yoroi Matsuri in early December. It is common for Chinese New Year to fall during the December holidays around the world, depending on the lunar calendar. It is because February 1st falls according to the lunar calendar.

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National Pie Days

January 23 & 1st December holidays around the world:

December holidays around the world are a time for pie lovers to shine in the United States, where Christmas is a time for pie lovers! Between December 1st and January 23rd, American people bake pies as gifts and for themselves to treat themselves to some delicious desserts. It is a tradition during this time of year to bake apple pies or mincemeat pies, and some people even hold pie-eating contests during this time of year!

National Pie Day is an excellent way to celebrate with friends and family in the US, even though it’s a lesser-known holiday worldwide. This holiday promotes the preservation and reward of grandma’s recipes, bringing everyone together, sharing delicious food, and getting to know one another.

National Apple Pie Day

May 13 & 3rd December holidays around the world::

There are many December holidays around the world to honor, but National Apple Pie Day is celebrated annually on December 3rd in the US. This is the right time to enjoy a tasty slice now. Many apples were available in the early 17th century, making apple pies popular. Mincemeat pies were also famous around this time. There is something sweet about baking a pie during the holidays, no matter what it is!

Many countries have made apple pies a Christmas staple. It is common for English, German, Polish, and Nordic countries to serve apple pies as breakfast on December 24th with vanilla ice cream or cream cheese whipped cream. A traditional French dessert is the galette de Rois, made from puff pastry dough and apple slices. Spanish, Turkish, and Japanese Christmas feasts are also famous for apple pies. There are even references to pies in ancient Swedish texts written before Christianity became widespread.

Klöpfleinsnächte | Knocking Nights

Last 3 Thursdays before Christmas:

There are many December holidays around the world, but Bavaria and Austria uniquely celebrate Klöpfleinsnächte. It occurs three Thursdays before Christmas. People who knock at the doors of houses in their local township are rewarded with sweets, nuts, and small gifts each night of knocking (Klöpfeln). Those without chimneys hang a large sheet at the window or door. You can remove it from the outside by using this sheet!!

As part of Knocking Nights, the children are assigned duties first. Taking a bag and knocking on doors, one child sings traditional songs from house to house. They wait outside for eager hands offering treats to reward them. Each song tells of family traditions for those who celebrate behind closed doors. Gifts are collected, and families enjoy lively evenings filled with music, contentment, and late nights that end sadly around midnight with bedtime knocking. While rarely celebrated nowadays, people of Bavarian or Austrian heritage often remember this celebration well.

National Fruitcake Month

Fruitcakes are a must during the holiday season! Celebrate the festive decorations of December by making this traditional holiday treat in all shapes and sizes. Create delicious cakes using nuts, dried fruits, and spices to customize your recipe. If you aren’t a baker, take advantage of the pre-made ones at the grocery store.

It’s no secret that December holidays around the world are a time of celebration in many countries. Christmas celebrates the Virgen de Guadalupe (Vintage of the Virgin of Guadalupe) on December 12-14, Hanukkah celebrates gifts and candles from December 10-18, Kwanzaa celebrates African culture and ancestry, and Divali is a well-decorated festival held in Haiti in December. Christmas Day is celebrated with customs like carolling, feasting, and decorating homes with evergreens in various countries. Many of these cultures serve up sweetbreads or cakes made with nuts and fruits during National Fruitcake Month, while others stick with traditional pies. The holiday season is an excellent time to remember that we are all the same despite our differences!

Saint Nicholas Day

Germany and the Netherlands:

Saint Nicholas’ feast day is celebrated in Germany and the Netherlands on December 6th. A clog is placed outside a child’s bedroom door on December 5th so that Saint Nicholas will fill it with small gifts in the morning. Naughty children may find a twig or a lump of coal instead! You can also place your boot on the roof to be filled with candy from Saint Nicholas’ helpers or dunk it in hot chocolate. Make your loved ones feel special by recreating these traditions this holiday season!

Father Christmas was based on Saint Nicholas, a kind bishop who gave away his family’s wealth to help children. The tradition of leaving candy or coins in shoes or stockings by the fireplace is still prevalent in some countries today. Saint Nicholas Day may also have inspired many modern traditions of sharing gifts to honor winter holidays like Christmas and December holidays around the world. It likely led to the origin of many modern traditions of sharing gifts. There are many rules for exchanging gifts on Saint Nicholas Day. Both celebrate giving back during the same season. You can celebrate this holiday by hosting a small gathering with your family and friends – share sweet treats and exchange thoughtful gifts!

World AIDS Day

December holidays around the world

AIDS Day was founded in 1988 and is celebrated yearly on December 1st. HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is dedicated to remembering those affected by HIV, supporting people living with HIV, and recognizing the progress made against HIV/AIDS. The day is marked by various events worldwide, including education events that raise HIV awareness and memorial services that honor those lost to HIV.

It is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite and make a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS on World AIDS Day. The government, global health organizations, faith-based organizations, charities, healthcare providers, and individual activists can all help educate their communities about this condition. We should remember that World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1st, and we all have a part to play in battling this disease. Progress will result from our efforts.

KrampusnachtDecember holidays around the world:

The holiday of Krampusnacht originated in Alpine Europe centuries before Christianity in many countries. This holiday is based on folklore: Krampus, a half-goat, the half-demon figure with chains and bells, visits villages to catch naughty children that he then carries back to the underworld! It may not be exceptionally comforting for kids, but for adults, it’s important to remember how powerful folklore can be in bringing people together across cultures. It is valid during the December holidays around the world. It may be possible to do so by revitalizing old traditions.

The celebration of Krampusnacht consists of dancing, singing, and bursting fireworks in the streets. Young men dress up as Krampus in fur costumes and accessories like chains, bells, and baskets during parades. Locals in some places swap present in mockery of the Krampus legend, which depicts him carrying naughty children away. Special treats with walnuts, Twelfth Night cake, or Krampus Bolo, a type of sweet bread, are other activities during this time. Adults can also enjoy the festivities with libations such as mulled wine (Glühwein) or other regional drinks.

Feast of the Immaculate

Latin American countries celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, commonly called La Purisima, on December 8th. Mexican families today commemorate Jesus’ birth through prayer and festivities and honor Mary’s virginity. La Purisima is a grand celebration reflecting faith and cultural pride, from elaborate church displays to picnics in public squares.

La Purisima is usually celebrated differently in every town or city. Many communities around the world celebrate the holidays with community picnics on their public squares during December holidays around the world. Thousands of women prepare traditional dishes for the event. Others remain in their homes to reflect on Mary’s Conception and its meaning for their faith. Every year on December 8th, people throughout the country celebrate the Blessed Conception – an enduring tradition that will endure for generations.

Human Rights Day

It is Human Rights Day on December 10th, which the United Nations recognizes. The day is dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of all people, no matter their race, gender, ethnicity, or identity. Individuals across the globe are using their energies today to help achieve human rights for all and build a better future.

Human Rights Day serves as an occasion to celebrate human rights achievements and a reminder of what remains to be done. Throughout the December holidays around the world, people celebrate the holiday with diverse gatherings, events, and discussions. People discuss how to work together and promote and protect the rights of all people. This day allows people worldwide to confirm their commitment to ensuring people’s fundamental rights are respected and maintained.

International Human Solidarity Day

International Human Solidarity Day is celebrated on December 20th to recognize the importance of solidarity in promoting human development and peace. As a result of the United Nations General Assembly proposing this holiday in 2005, we are reminded of our shared responsibility. it is especially true during the December holidays around the world. To mark International Human Solidarity Day, let’s work together to ensure everyone can access primary education and medical care services.

It is also a day for individuals to remember that even small actions make a difference worldwide, even in the face of globalization. People believe that on International Human Solidarity Day, we must remain committed to promoting human rights and understanding between cultures, ethnicities, and religions. Many individuals and organizations hold fundraising events or rallies to raise awareness of social issues on International Human Solidarity Day. Volunteering on this day provides a practical way for people to demonstrate their commitment to human solidarity.

Christmas Eve

The celebration of Christmas Eve varies from country to country. Santa Claus is welcome in many countries, and there are even individuals and families who ‘carol’ from door to door, singing traditional Christmas carols. Other traditions include:

  • Attending Mass at Midnight.
  • Exchanging gifts.
  • Feasting on a special dinner.
  • Lighting the Yule log.
  • Hanging stockings.
  • Decorating the tree.

Christmas services are held in Germany at midnight after a simple meal. Christmas is when many Danish and Scandinavian families spend time with Father Christmas or Santa Claus during the December holidays around the world. It is traditional for Santa Claus to bring presents under the tree, near the fireplace, or in stockings hidden behind the door for the children. Traditional decorations on guests’ chairs are hay sprigs, a symbol of the manger in which Jesus was born. Russian and Ukrainian Christmas Eve begins with a triple-holed pancake called ‘Kutia’ made from wheat, usually served with poppy-seed milk and honey.

St. Stephen’s Day

St. Stephen’s Day celebrates the feast day of Saint Stephen and is primarily celebrated in Irish culture and by Roman Catholics. The holiday is observed after Christmas on December 26th. A holiday called the Day of the Wren is also known as the Day of the Wren. It comes from a festival where people hunted wrens or birds and chased them away with music or bells. According to legend, St Stephen was stoned to death in Jerusalem for refusing to give up his Christian faith.

Traditional ‘Wren Boy’ bands from Ireland sing Irish songs and dress up in straw costumes on this holiday. Families enjoy a special dried fruit cake made with ricotta cheese during St Stephen’s Day lunches in Italy. During the December holidays around the world, many nations hold religious processions for the occasion and distribute charitable donations to the poor to celebrate this day. As part of Saint Stephen’s Day celebrations, candles are lit in churches, and thanks are given. The celebration of St Stephan’s day is known worldwide as a means of spreading joy and paying tribute to Christian values.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

(UK and USA) December holidays around the world:

The Twelve Days of Christmas take place in the UK and the US for the twelve days following Christmas Day. The holiday is believed to have pagan roots but has been changed by Christians to honour Christ’s birth. Children began to give gifts to those around them in the mid-1600s, especially those who were poor or less fortunate. The gifts included food items and paper decorations. It remains a major holiday around the world to this day.

Countries celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas differently, giving their traditions their flair. People in the United Kingdom dress up as Father Christmas, sing carols, and set off fireworks. Many American families celebrate the holiday by decorating a tree with different gifts and lights. As well as making festive treats such as sugarplums and sangria, they exchange greetings during the holiday season. A selection of December holidays around the world, no matter where you are in the world, let’s welcome the new year in style!


The month of December is a time of joy and celebration all around the world, no matter what your holiday traditions and customs are. Get a taste of other countries and cultures’ holiday customs by learning more about their holiday traditions. Christmas, Hannukah, Diwali, and Pancha Ganapati are just some of the December holidays around the world that can be celebrated and decorated differently. The reason is that even in the happiest times, we can still learn from one another. As people celebrate their December holidays around the world, they can remember the shared experiences that bind them together.